The 11 Best Star Trek Games To Get You Ready For The Picard Premiere

Star Trek Armada

An RTS set in the Trek universe, Armada should be on your shortlist if you like the idea of outfitting ships and then going around firing photon torpedoes at your enemies. 

While the sequel had improved mechanics, the original probably still has the best overall campaign missions, and there are plenty of mods to extend its life.

Sadly, Armada doesn't play well with Windows 10 on its own, even if you find an abandonware version. You'll need to conjure up some serious computer magic to get it running, but there are tutorials out there to help you along with a little Google Fu.

For now, be sure to add the series to the GOG wishlist and keep your fingers crossed we get a legitimate re-release that works on modern PCs one of these days!

Published Jan. 20th 2020

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