Wanted: Dead — All Kowloon Street Collectibles

Here's how to find all the collectibles in Wanted: Dead's final mission, Kowloon Street.

Kowloon Street is Wanted: Dead's final mission. As such, it's more concerned with pushing players' skills, making it one of the hardest missions in the entire game. Because of this emphasis, there are only three collectibles tied to the whole mission. This guide shows you how to obtain them all. 

Where to Find the Collectibles in Kowloon Street

Kowloon Street Map Location

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Late in this mission, after fighting through waves of enemies across multiple streets, you'll come to a blockade with a fork leading to an alley. The steps leading to this alley street are guarded by a minigun wielding enemy. After taking care of him, head into the alley. You'll find the Kowloon Street Map near one of the food stands across from a shut store with a sign reading "Fat Seafood". Considering how narrow this alley is, it shouldn't be too difficult to spot it. 

Mr. Holiday's Profile Location

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A little further along this mission, you'll end up taking a shortcut through a tiny restaurant, entering through the kitchen side. A few enemies will be waiting to ambush you. After taking everyone out, you can grab Mr. Holiday's Profile from the desk next to the exit door sign. 

Emma Location

The Emma profile is the game's only truly unmissable collectible. This gets added to your collectibles menu after finishing the game and watching the final anime cutscene after the credits sequence. 

Those are all the collectibles in the final mission. Assuming you followed our guides, you should now have the trophy or achievement for obtaining all collectibles. If you happened to miss anything due to coming into our guides late in a playthrough, you'll have to mop up collectibles on a second run. For more Wanted: Dead coverage, check out our review

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Published Feb. 13th 2023

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