Destiny announces "rewards" for year-one players

Destiny will give year-one players stuff for making it through the first year.

I don't expect anything from video games, but damnit I sure do hope a lot. This week, Bungie outlined some of the changes/upgrades/things to look forward to in The Taken King. Honestly, I'm super excited. However, don't feed me liver and tell me it's ice cream.

Today, they're like "Thanks guys! Thanks for being with us since the beginning and dealing with our bull while we try to get it together and, just, thanks. Here's some stuff, just for you!!" So, we get a shader, a sparrow, a ghost shell, and an emblem. 

Sounds pretty good, except one thing. You don't even have to be a year-one player to get it. You only have to buy the two expansions or reach level 30 with a character. I'm sorry, but that's not the definition of a year-one player. If you're a casual player and have only reached level 30, that's all good. The problem is that you can go buy the expansions today and reap the sweet "rewards". 

...Or maybe I'm looking at this incorrectly. Maybe all the little things we wanted and didn't get, like the Vex Mythoclast on our 20th run of Vault of Glass Hard, should just be forgotten. Maybe Bungie is thinking, "Yeah, RNGesus is a dirty dirty girl that gets off on being withholding, and she did you wrong, and we want to make it up to you. So here." So they'll making a small effort to at least make us look cool. Yeah, thats it.

Anyway, here's what's up:

Remember when you were a level 1 or 2 and you just wanted to have black armor? No? Just me? Well, you can now with the Old Guard Shader:

And a sparrow to match:

We haven't really played with ghost shells yet, but you'll get one anyway in the VIP bundle:

And then you can proclaim your jungle night-time camoflauge ways with your kitty-cat emblem.

One more thing...

That Ghally you bought from Xur the other week? Go ahead and level it up all the way because once The Taken King comes out, players will not be able to upgrade it anymore. 

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Published Aug. 20th 2015
  • Ainyan
    I dunno, I feel they should swap the Year One achievement emblem and all of these rewards >.> But maybe that's just me being elitist, 'cause as my housemate points out, everyone who plays before Sept. 14th is a Year One player - even if they just happened to start today.
  • Chelsea Senecal
    Featured Contributor
    it seems like they're just giving us this because they feel bad because year one is spending more money than year two for all the same stuff. But technically, yeah, year one is anyone before September 14.

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