The new economy in Destiny: The Taken King

Bungie converges old currencies while making use of neglected kiosk space.

As The Taken King approaches its release date, September 15, Bungie reveals more and more of the changes and intricacies the fans can expect. One major question that plagues every DLC Destiny has seen thus far, is how to approach the ever-changing currency. 

The Dark Below expansion introduced Vanguard and Crucible commendations, confusing and annoying most players. They then remedied this problem in the House of Wolves expansion by getting rid of it altogether.  One reason Bungie plays this currency game is so that players won't stockpile currencies and then just buy all the cool gear that drops on the next release. However, keeping up with the expansion's expectations seems to become more convoluted with each one. 

The Taken King will hopefully remedy this problem. Vanguard and Crucible marks be damned because Legendary marks will replace both for one simple armor/weapon currency.

As for upgrade materials, hardronic essence, plasteel plating, and sapphire wire will all become one material that may be shared among characters. This further backs Deej's explanation about helping new characters' progress from either Destiny year one or year two creations. We saw a similiar change in materials as we did for currencies: Ascendant for Radiant and then now, the elusive Etheric light. There's been no word for sure as to how this particular facet will play out.

Kiosks and vendors are also getting a facelift. The gunsmith, Banshee, will sell weapons once guardians gain enough rep through bounties from him. Banshee's bounties will be field tests for specific weapons and will operate within the same time limitations as Xur. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything as catchy as Xursday for Banshee at the moment, but I trust the community for that. Xur has some new goodies for the guardians as well. He will now carry the item "Three of Coins" which boosts the chance for exotic drops after boss battles. 

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Published Aug. 12th 2015

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