Meet The .io Game That Tries Something Way Different and Does It Well

In an environment of identikit games, stands out from the crowd.

Yes, is another .io game. It seems like they're everywhere these days. We've previously discussed clones of similar games like -- but they're really all the same aren't they?

Well, no. Actually, offers so much more than just the continuous eat, grow and eat others ad infinitum that most .io games rely on. It tries something way different -- and honestly, it does it very, very well.

The game, although still very much focused upon eating food and others in order to grow, introduces new mechanics that prevent the repetition and provides a refreshing new spin on .io gameplay.

The unique feature of is that players must feed and water their creature to allow it to thrive. You walk your character over the food and drink supplies in order to obtain them. If the water bar reaches zero before the player has the opportunity to replenish it, the character dies. Round blue symbols are randomly available in the game's world to top up water supplies.

Ordinarily, in an .io game, the character grows by eating food. In, not only does the character grow, but they level up and transform into stronger characters. The basic food source is berries, and these are identified as round red symbols. Once the character levels up, they can eat more complex food, such as mushrooms.  

The character begins as a lowly mouse -- but once enough berries have been eaten, then the character transforms into rabbit who is able to eat any mice that are travelling around. Eventually, there is the opportunity to become larger and stronger animals, such as pigs, lions, and crocodiles who prey on the smaller, more vulnerable animals. Other animals can often be seen attempting to eat the same food that the player's character requires, highlighting how the animal kingdom competes for the same food resources.

Simply put, the game is about evolution, bigger and stronger animals eat smaller and weaker ones and the overall objective is to become the fiercest predator in the world. Animals larger than the character controlled by the player will actively chase the character, as if hunting their prey.

The animal animations are basic, but very cute. The game itself has been developed with a top down view of the game, which does portray that the player is very much the controller of the character and can see the world view.

The varied landscaped areas are advantageous to certain animals. For example, pigs are superbly quick in mud and little mice are sneaky in squeezing through small gaps to obtain food and drink, but also hide from larger predators. There are also wormholes which the character can escape from and turn up through the nearest wormhole.

If the character dies, then rather than starting from scratch, the player retains  a certain amount of XP, which normally equates to the previous animal before the one that died. 

This is a great game, with excellent gameplay and enough variation to ensure that players keep coming back. It's a more complex iteration of the style game -- with a resource building mechanic, whilst becoming the number one in the food chain. With great animations, it is sure to be a great success. is available for Android and iOS.


Published Nov. 16th 2016

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