Best MMO Worlds of the Last Five Years

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Year by year the gaming market is flooded by endless titles aiming to become next best MMO, gather couple of million player base and sell millions on subscriptions, season pass and in-game items. It seems that recipe is rather simple -- stick to the rules of MMO and you will have your successful game.

But what many are forgetting is that simple copying of success is not going to work every time or even will work barely ever. Spark is required. This one thing which makes game worth to play.

There are MMO games which managed to dominate the market and have this "thing." Some of them stay on top of the charts regardless of being on the market as long as five years or even longer.

They have similarities and differences, but all of them gained the respect of critics and appreciation of fans, who quite often are ready to pay significant amount of money to be part of favourite MMO worlds.

There are few of them I have decided to treat with special attention. These are the Best MMO Worlds of the Last Five Years.

Published Jan. 27th 2017

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