Hades Dark Thirst Guide: How to Get 20% More Darkness on Every Run

If you're wondering what Dark Thirst is or how to tell which weapon is imbued with the Darkness buff, this quick guide has everything you need to know.

To make the most of your Hades runs, you'll need to level up the Mirror of Night upgrades. To do that, you'll need lots of Darkness, which you can get in a number of ways, from entering doors with Darkness symbols and unlocking Infernal Troves to completing Pact of Punishment bounties and speaking with NPCs like Sisyphus. One passive way is by using weapons with Dark Thirst. 

But how do you know which Hades' weapons has Dark Thirst? When you enter the training area beyond Zagreus' bed-chamber, you'll see weapons in the back left corner of the area. At first, you only have access to several of these, but your armory will expand the longer you play. 

One random weapon will be surrounded by purple energy. This is the weapon imbued with Dark Thirst for that specific run. Which weapon has Dark Thirst is left up to RNG, so it is likely to be a different one for every run (it has been for me, anyway).

If you're farming Darkness, you'll want to choose whichever weapon is imbued to make the most of your efforts. As we mention elsewhere, if you've not cleared one of Hades' four areas/bosses with a particular weapon you'll also get Titan Blood and other important items for your efforts, as well.

Dark Thirst increases the amount of Darkness you pick up by 20%, so it's a useful little buff for farming the purple gems. 

That's basically all you need to know about Dark Thirst in Hades. It's really that simple. For more tips on Supergiant's roguelike, consider clicking the links throughout the article above or head over to our dedicated guides hub where we talk about the game's best weapons, Ambrosia, and more.

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Published Aug. 16th 2021

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