The Division's open beta logged a record 6.4 million players

Tom Clancy's; The Division is officially the most successful beta for a new IP ever!

Today Ubisoft released an official statement detailing the number of players who logged onto The Division's open beta.

They stated:

...we’re proud to share that more than 6.4 million of you explored the pandemic-stricken streets of New York City, making it the biggest beta ever for a new game brand on current generation platforms.

The record-breaking beta saw players average about 5 hours of total play time with 2 hours of this spent in the PvP area, the Dark Zone. In the DZ, 50% of all players went rogue at some point during their play time and Ubisoft added the 'fun fact' that; "over 63,309,800 contaminated items were successfully extracted out of the Dark Zone."

Ubisoft subsequently thanked players for their support of the beta by saying;

Thanks so much to the millions who joined The Division’s Beta and started to help take back New York City.

The success of the beta should largely be attributed to the popularity of the PvP and the new PVP patch, which was well-received by players. This should give Ubisoft confidence going forward to the release date on March 8th. 


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Published Feb. 22nd 2016

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