Ubisoft patch The Division in time for open beta

Check out the recent fixes Ubisoft has carried out on The Division and participate in the open beta on 18th-21st February.

Ubisoft has rolled out a patch for Tom Clancy's: The Division before launching the open beta test on 18th February

Reddit user 'codnavar' posted the details of the update to The Division subreddit and it outlines several important and much-needed changes. Included in the patch is a new playable mission for the beta, another upgrade wing for the Base of Operations and a plethora of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes. 

Have a look at all of the patch notes from codnavar's post: 

The 'Dark Zone' has clearly received the most love with a large number of changes that should ultimately make for a better gameplay experience. In the closed beta, players often found themselves wandering about aimlessly, but the addition of large numbers of NPC enemies should put a stop to that. 

Changed too is the rogue system. Now instead of becoming instantly disavowed because you accidentally shot a friendly, a warning sign will appear that shows you and other players that it was unintentional. Player health bars will now only change to red when you become rogue. Again this will stop players from attacking each other by accident, thinking that someone had been disavowed when they actually hadn't. 

Ultimately, it is great news that a lot of the confusion with the PvP features has been fixed and the annoying bugs that many people (myself included) experienced have also been patched out. No more invincible players or infinite ammo and you can actually now open the chests in the Dark Zone after their reset time was drastically reduced!

If you didn't delete your data from the closed beta then it will be updated with the patch the next time you load it up. 

You can check out my analysis of the closed beta here and you can write about your experience with the game so far in the comments below.


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Published Feb. 22nd 2016

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