FFXIV 5.55: How to Get Modern Aesthetics - Both Ways

How to get your hands on the newest hairstyle in FFXIV 5.55.

The hairstyle that's been the buzz throughout Final Fantasy XIV's glamour community as an elusive datamined nugget is finally out with FFXIV 5.55, and it is named Both Ways — despite really only being one way. Mostly.

It's not a twintail style, but it does have one messy single tail, some cute swirly tendrils, bangs, an intertwined braid, and ahoge. As if they just picked all the cutest aspects of the community's hairstyles and shoved it all into one! Though it may be a bit much for some.

A look at the back of the style.

FFXIV: How to Get the Both Ways Hairstyle

As with many of the most recent hairstyles, Modern Aesthetics - Both Ways comes from the Bozjan Southern Front, in particular from the new Zadnor instanced encounter.

The lockboxes you can obtain from clearing Zadnor may contain Modern Aesthetics- Both Ways, but you can only enter Zadnor if you have completed the Futures Rewritten main story quest and completed the Fit for a Queen quest inside of Bozja. Zadnor requires eight players.

If you don't feel like pushing through the Bozjan front nor the perils within, you can bring a mini calamity to your coffers instead. Modern Aesthetics - Both Ways is tradeable, and can also be bought on the market board for far too much coin.

For reference, at the time of writing, the price of this hairstyle on Balmung is 10 million gil. That's the same price of Modern Aesthetics - Early to Rise has been all this time, but there's some good news in there: Modern Aesthetics - Early to Rise has been made easier to obtain this patch.

If you're like many who have also been wanting Modern Aesthetics - Early to Rise, and either haven't gotten lucky in Delubrum Reginae or don't want to cough up the gil, you'll be pleased to hear that Early to Rise can now be purchased at the Resistance Supplier inside of Zadnor, though it will cost 5 Gold and 30 Platinum Coins to get your hands on it. The market board price of that coveted style is sure to drop just in time for the rise of Both Ways.

That's it on how to get Modern Aesthetics - Both Ways in FFXIV patch 5.55. Check out our other guides on Final Fantasy XIV!

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Published May. 26th 2021

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