4 forgotten 3D Capcom fighters that graced the Dreamcast

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The Dreamcast's time in the limelight was a short one and Sega's determination to make their last foray in the hardware business succeed made the little white box a must-have for gaming enthusiasts at the time. This is especially the case for fighting game fans thanks to both Capcom and SNK heavily supporting the console with arcade ports.

What the Dreamcast excelled at was arcade-style games, mostly because its infrastructure was so similar to Sega's then-advanced arcade board, the NAOMI. A handful of developers, most notably Capcom, had already developed several titles for the NAOMI board and porting to the home market was affordable and easy.

There are a lot of possible reasons for the Dreamcast to have had such a short stint. EA's unwillingness to work with Sega (and sports games being such huge console sellers), the impending PlayStation 2 release at the time, industry distrust due to the botched Saturn launch, the ease of piracy... This certainly isn't the end of the list of factors that led to the console's demise, and with all the pieces in mind it's no surprise it lasted such short a time.

Though it didn't hold its market presence long, the Dreamcast still has a place in the hearts of retro gaming fans and members of the fighting game community. This is in large part due to publishers Capcom and SNK, both of which heavily supported the console with arcade fighting game ports.

There were plenty of traditional 2D SNK fighters on the console, but Capcom stepped it up with their 3D offerings in arcades and on the Dreamcast itself. This list hopes to bring four of these to light, for the modern gamer curious about what made the Dreamcast such a cult hit and why some still cling to it even today.

The games in this slideshow are posted with either gameplay footage or low quality trailers, based on availability on YouTube. If you were in love with your Dreamcast in 1999 into the 2000s, you're sure to see some titles you're familiar with in this short list.

Published Jun. 11th 2016

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