A new era comes in Call of Duty eSports with World League

Call of Duty World League promises to bring pros and amateurs together for a brand new eSports experience.

Earlier today, Activision announced that it will be launching Call of Duty World League, a completely redesigned Call of Duty eSports experience, this coming January.

This global eSports league is said to provide pros with a richer and more engaging experience, while still being accessible to aspiring competitors for the upcoming Black Ops III.

Activision hopes to accomplish this by splitting the league up into 2 separate divisions that will both feed into the Call of Duty Championship. The Pro Division will be for the professional players and teams who already have an established track record in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The Challenge Division will be for amateur players and will give winning teams the chance to compete in the championship against the pros after winning certain events.

More players means a bigger competition, which means a bigger prize pool. Next year's Call of Duty Championship is estimated to have a $3 million prize for the winning team, which is already more than triple the amount of previous prizes.

Published Sep. 24th 2015

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