5 (more) video game recipes you can try at home

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Having a hankering for game-themed food? No problem!

Another writer here at GS recently wrote an article about game-inspired recipes, which made me want to create my own. Here are 5 (more) video game foods you can try at home or make for your next party!

Minecraft Cake

While Minecraft might be primarily comprised of blocks (and hey, even the cake is a block) that does not mean its food is not worth a try. Gourmet Gaming created a real-life version of the Minecraft cake, though due to the presence of fondant it may be difficult to make. Might be worth making if you are having a Minecraft themed party!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Grandma's Elixir Soup

Gourmet Gaming's version of Grandma's Elixir Soup may not restore your health or power up your attacks, but it sure looks delicious, much like the in-game version. The soup is fairly simple to make and would make a nice meal on a cold Winter's day.


Pokémon Pokepuffs

When Pokémon Amie was added in X and Y, so too were the delicious looking Pokémon treats, "Pokepuffs." Not a day goes by when I play with my Pokémon that I do not want to steal one of them for myself. The Cake is Not a Lie website has provided us with real-life versions of the snacks, though the recipe can be a tad complicated due to all the decorations the Pokepuffs have.


World of Warcraft Spicy Mushan Noodles

I am not entirely sure what mushan beasts are. Perhaps they are some strange breed of kodo? Regardless, the food in the Mists of Pandaria expansion (especially as compared to Warlords of Draenor) looks so appetizing that sometimes I wish I could reach through the screen and snatch some food.

These WoW-inspired Spicy Mushan Noodles seem to be based on beef lo mein, though with a bit of a twist. The Gamers Fridge hosts this recipe, as well as a score of other WoW based recipes.


Skyrim Sweetrolls

Due to the repeated mentions of sweetrolls by Skyrim's guards, I have come to wonder what a sweetroll might really taste like. Well, I guess I do not have to wonder anymore. The Geeky Chef has one of several versions of a sweetroll recipe, and I am pretty eager to try it myself.

These dishes are just a small taste of what video game inspired recipes are out there. Check out Jessa Rittenhouse's article on game-related foods for more ideas. Try browsing free sites like The Geeky Chef, Gourmet Gaming, or The Drunken Moogle. Maybe even check out Fry Scores, a $6.00 cookbook. In any case, you will surely have plenty ideas for your next game-themed party!

Have you tried any game-inspired recipes? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

Published Jun. 27th 2015

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