Tip to Quickly Hatching Pokemon GO Eggs

Inaccurate GPS signal can sometimes be your friend.

I experimented with this today and have now hatched 4 eggs, each 5km. Here are the steps to easily rake in the mileage.

  1. Set phone brightness to 0%
  2. Set your display to never turn off
  3. Plug it in, you will eat up your battery
  4. Leave the game open and sitting still

What seems to be happening is the GPS is pretty inaccurate so I have been watching my trainer slowly pace around in circles all day and hatching my eggs with no effort. I think being on wifi helps increase the GPS inaccuracy, but I cannot say for sure.

This also seems to work somewhat while driving. On my pretty heavy traffic commute to work, I left the game running and was able to get some distance traveled. I'm assuming it no longer counts distance once you pass a certain speed. So, while slightly inching forward in traffic I am still getting some distance traveled.

Edit: After a bit more testing, this trick becomes more effective the worse your connection gets. I have a good wifi connection in my apartment, so I don't get much pacing. As soon as I got to work where I have a much worse connection, one of my eggs hatched.

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Published Jun. 30th 2017

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