5 Best RimWorld Mods You Should Install Right Now


The "Infused" mod is an excellent way of adding a little chaos into your RimWorld gameplay, adding random enchantments to certain equipment in the game. This equipment is also randomly chosen, meaning any item you come upon may be enchanted.

An enchantment in this mod gives a piece of equipment a variety of different stats that changes how the item is used. Most interestingly, even enemies can possess these augmented pieces of equipment. In addition to providing an extra element of unpredictability to RimWorld, this mod can have a significant benefit to almost any job you may be doing. 

If you find that these enchantments do more harm than good for you, they're editable via XML as well. You can either remove the enchantment altogether, or give your equipment the exact specifications to suit your needs. 

Published Jun. 27th 2017

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