Best Fortnite Cosplay of 2018

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How many skins are cooler than Raven? Go on, I'll wait. (It's those eyes, man. And those feathers!)

Or you could call me biased. Regardless of objectivity, nobody can deny that Raven is one of the coolest skins to come out this year, and players were falling over themselves to shell out the ~$20 for it when it released back in April.

The Raven skin is so popular in fact, that Epic Games had to release an announcement admitting they were having problems processing all the V-bucks currency purchases players were trying to make in order to trade in for the skin. As popular a game as Fortnite is, when Epic can't even handle the sheer amount of money the player base is throwing at it, it means something. 

Raven packs a pretty powerful visual punch in-game, and the effect is no different when translated into real life. Colombian cosplayer Adrian Valerian broke out all the stops to get this costume up and ready in record time. 

Talk about worth it! The feather detailing is spot on fantastic, and the lit-up eyes just work. Here's a talent to keep an eye on!

(image source: Adrian Valerian on WorldCosplay)

Published Jun. 20th 2018

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