Best Fortnite Cosplay of 2018

There is a complicated love/hate relationship with the existence of the Patreon creator model, but there's no denying that it's working and even though the expectation of "lewds~" is causing rifts between Patreon and content creators, it's still working fairly well. With the explosion of Fortnite popularity, it was inevitable that an equally huge explosion of good-looking cosplay must follow.

Danish Patreon cosplayer Adeline Frost may have a host of impressive (ahem) assets in her arsenal, but her skill in putting together and making this costume herself is not the least of them. She may not have won the cosplay contest run by Gamescon earlier this year, but her Rose Team Leader entry was on point, right down to the details. You can get a better look at all angles on Instagram.

(image source: @adelinefrost on Instagram)

Published Jun. 20th 2018

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