Baldur's Gate 3 Companions Guide & Origin Characters Overview

Baldur's Gate 3 is only in Early Access but it already has a diverse cast of Companions you can recruit based on eventual Origin backgrounds.

When Baldur's Gate 3 fully launches, you'll be able to adopt a pre-made Origin background for your character that gives them a predetermined history, or "Origin," within the world. Right now, in Early Access, you can only make a custom new character from scratch. 

However, five of those Origin backgrounds are already in Baldur's Gate 3 in the form of Companion characters. Any Origin you don't pick shows up as a named Companion in the world that you can recruit into your party. If you make a custom character, then all Origins are Companion characters you can recruit.

These Origin characters have their own special characteristics, personalities, and personal quest lines. In previous Larian games, picking a custom character neutered your opportunities for unique storytelling moments, but reportedly, the studio aims to fix that this time and make custom characters just as valuable narratively.

Until Baldur's Gate 3 launches fully, though, it's hard to say what that will look like.

There is currently an Origin/Companion for five of the six included classes in Early Access. Ranger is the only class not represented with an Origin/Companion character currently, so if you want to have the chance to see all six classes in one playthrough, I'd recommend playing a custom Ranger as your player character.

It's also worth noting that Companions will talk amongst themselves, and you can strike up conversations with them at any time, especially back at camp, to learn more about them.

Here are all the details on the five Origin/Companion characters in Baldur's Gate 3, including their names, background info, starting stats, questline info, and where to recruit them.

Lae'zel, Githyanki Fighter 

Who is Lae'zel?

Lae'zel is the first character you meet after the opening moments of Baldur's Gate 3. She was also a captive on the Mindflayer's ship and is trying to escape and find a cure, just like you. You'll have the chance to group up with her throughout the prologue moments aboard the Mindflayer ship.

According to Larian, 

Lae’zel is a ferocious Githyanki warrior, mighty even by the standards of her mind flayer-hunting kind. Faced with transforming into the very monster she’s sworn to destroy, Lae’zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people – if they don’t execute her first.

Lae'zel being a Githyanki Fighter means she is intense and formidable in melee combat. The interesting thing about the Gith (typically an abbreviation of the race's name) is that they are sworn enemies of Mindflayers after years of enslavement in the Astral Plane. As a result, they're not very common in Faerun.

What is Lae'zel's questline?

Her quest line is called The Githyanki Warrior, and it follows her redemption among her race as you attempt to find a cure for the Mindflayer tadpole that's burrowed into your brain.

What are Lae'zel's stats and gear?

Lae'zel comes equipped with a Longsword she wields as a two-handed weapon, a short bow for necessary ranged combat moments, Githyanki Half Plate armor, and Leather Boots. 

Her starting stats are:

STR* 17 INT 11
DEX 13 WIS 12
CON 14 CHA 8

Where is Lae'zel?

She's part of your party throughout the prologue, but once the ship crashes onto the beach, she is removed from your party. You have to recruit her again.

You'll find her near the Cathedral Ruins as a prisoner. If you can rescue her, then you can invite her back into your party.

Gale, Human Wizard

Who is Gale?

Gale is an average human wizard, or so it seems. He's got an air of confidence and cockiness that makes him gel with other Companions in really interesting ways.

Larian says: 

Gale has one ambition: to become the greatest wizard Faerûn has ever known. Yet his thirst for magic led to disaster. A Netherese Destruction Orb beats in his chest, counting down to an explosion that can level a city. Gale is confident he'll overcome it, but time is not on his side.

What are Gale's stats and gear?

Gale is your typical, textbook squishy glass cannon Wizard. All he has on him is a Simple Robe, Simple Boots, and a basic Quarterstaff. He really earns his keep by casting powerful spells.

His starting stats are:

STR 9 INT* 16
DEX 14 WIS 11
CON 15 CHA 13

Where is Gale? 

Gale is hard to miss. If you head north of the wreckage, you'll find Gale standing in the road at the Roadside Cliffs waypoint. Just talk to him and ask him to join your party.

Wyll, Human Warlock

Who is Wyll?

Wyll is the character I know the least about, personally. I haven't stumbled across him yet, even though I've found the other four companions already.

However, Warlocks are powerful spellcasters in D&D 5E, so he is likely a good addition to most parties if you lack a magic-user.

Larian describes Wyll as:

Noble by birth, Wyll made his name as the heroic 'Blade of Frontiers'. He keeps his pact with a devil well-hidden, and is desperate to escape the hellish bargain - even if that means rescuing the seductive creature that made the deal.

While Wizards are rather traditional spellcasters, Warlocks get their power by making a pact with supernatural beings such as fey, demons, and other foreign entities. You know the saying, "Did you make a deal with the devil?" That's basically what Warlocks do to gain their power.

What are Wyll's stats and gear?

I haven't found Wyll yet, so I'm unsure what his starting gear is like.

However, I do know what his stats are thanks to online resources and information from the developers:

STR 9 INT 14
DEX 13 WIS 11
CON 15 CHA* 16

Where is Wyll?

According to the Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki site, you'll eventually come across a group of goblins attacking an encampment during the Removing the Parasite quest. Wyll is near the gate, and you can recruit him to your party after the fight.

I fought a group of goblins attacking a Druid Grove entrance, so Wyll may be inside the Grove, and I just missed him. I'll update this guide once I find him. 

Shadowheart, Half-Elf Cleric

Who is Shadowheart?

From what I've played so far, Shadowheart is by far my favorite companion. She's got a fiery spirit, isn't afraid to speak her mind and has a sarcastic sense of humor.

She is also unique in the Cleric space because she doesn't worship the traditionally "good" Gods, instead following Shar, the Goddess of Darkness and Mistress of the Night.

Larian says about her:

One of Shar's dark disciples, Shadowheart was sent on a suicide mission to steal an item of great power. While wrestling with her faith and strange, untamed magic, Shadowheart has enemies on all sides - and a long-buried secret to uncover.

What are Shadwoheart's stats and gear?

Clerics in D&D aren't like healers and priests in other fantasy games. Rather than hanging back with a staff in robes, D&D Clerics are front-line warriors wearing sturdy armor and often wielding maces with shields. That's why you see so many Dwarf Clerics in most D&D content.

Shadowheart comes equipped with a Circlet for her faith, a Chain Shirt, Leather Boots, standard Mace, and a Studded Shield.

Her starting stats are:

STR 14 INT 10
DEX 9 WIS* 16
CON 13 CHA 14

Where is Shadowheart?

After you arrive on the beach, just stick to the shoreline and go straight through. You can't miss her. She's at the entrance to the Overground Ruins standing near the door. Just talk to her to invite her into your party.

Astarion, Elven Vampire Spawn Rogue

Who is Astarion?

You can tell Astarion is a vampire immediately. The pale skin and red eyes, along with relatively regal attire, are all dead giveaways.

Larian says:

Astarion prowled the night as a vampire spawn for centuries, serving a sadistic master until he was snatched away. Now he can walk in the light, but can he leave his wicked past behind?

What are Astarion's stats and gear?

When you first run across Astarion, he's wearing Padded Armor and Leather Boots with a single Dagger and Shortbow.

Since he's a rogue, I recommend giving him a second off-hand dagger because he can attack with his secondary offhand melee weapon as a bonus action during combat.

His starting stats are:

STR 12 INT 9
DEX* 17 WIS 14
CON 13 CHA 10

Where is Astarion?

It's hard to miss Astarion. As you go through the wreckage of the Mindlflayer ship, you'll spot him near the road calling out for help. After a conversation with him, you'll be able to invite him into your party.

That's all for our Baldur's Gate 3 companions guide and origin characters overview for the game's Early Access period. As the game makes its way toward full release, we'll keep this guide up to date with new information. Make sure to bookmark it for easy access! And stay tuned for more Baldur's Gate 3 guides, including builds for each of the classes, such as this one for rogues


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Published Oct. 12th 2020

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