Glitches make us laugh, cry, and sometimes swear, and here are some of the best compilations from last year.

The Best Game Glitches of 2017

Glitches make us laugh, cry, and sometimes swear, and here are some of the best compilations from last year.

The end goal for any developer is to deliver a clean, polished product to the user. But, as we all know, that often doesn't happen, with even huge budget games having a glitch or two. Many of our favorite games contain some...interesting glitches, some that add to the experience, and some that are just plan weird. To illustrate that point, we've compiled a list of the best glitch videos on the Internet from last year, all for your viewing pleasure.

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has its fair share of wild and unfair glitches, glitches that would frustrate even a saint. Of them all, the worst glitch is when the character is not responding, or then there are the general glitches in the system. One great example of this would be XSEVEROHATREDX. This player clearly had a plan that was ruined because of this nasty glitch.

Fallout 4

Next is Fallout 4a post apocalyptic game that has mutants, bombs, survivors, and, of course, odd glitches that just make the game less serious. Check out some of these glitches that leave you scratching your head or laughing. This video starts off with the weirdest glitch of a character that should be running, but is swimming down a set of stairs instead, y'know, like we all do at times. Then there's another glitch of a torso squirming on the ground, when it should be dead -- but whether that's funny or just plain creepy is up to you to decide

Grand Theft Auto IV

The best glitches are ones that make the game more enjoyable. These glitches from Grand Theft Auto IV are exactly that: so great that it makes you want to play the game just to experience them yourself. One example of an awesome glitch is when your character can glitch through the water onto the other side of the map. Or the incredible death drops from high places and the character, instead of dying, glitches into the ground or water. Even better, though, is when you glitch through a building with a helicopter. 


Now, everyone knows Overwatch is the game to play. It's a game that's fun, exciting, and frustrating all in one. These glitches are not only frustrating, but hilarious as well. Some of the best glitches are in the above video, and there's a definite theme to them. An example of this is the first glitch, where the character Tracer keeps getting stuck in the payload. Another glitch is with Mei as her character gets stuck mid battle. Funny for everyone else, yes, but definitely not something you want to be experiencing yourself.

Assassin's Creed: Origins

Assassin's Creed: Origins is a fan favorite game with a storyline that is marvelous and full of adventure. These glitches add some much needed light humor to the game, especially with how they effect the player. GOLDTHEWRITER has the funniest glitch, with a two headed horse just sliding across the stage behind the player's character. Yet another horse glitch is by SUICIDE KNIGHT, with a horse is stuck in a river running in place. 


Destiny is a third person shooter, where you are trying to save the universe. Only, that's not likely going to happen with some of these glitches. One glitch that should have actually been in the game is glitch number 9, Fallen Skiff Glitch. That is a glitch would save so much trouble during story mode. Another crazy glitch is glitch number 5, Crazy Portal Glitch. This glitch was so bad, it managed to draw an audience from other players.


From the wacky to the beneficial, the world of glitches is almost as entertaining as the games themselves. What are some of your favorite glitches? Let us know in the comments!

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