Former PS4 exclusive Rime resurfaces with new publisher

Grey Box and Six Foot will now develop the ICO-esque puzzle adventure game Rime. More details and an official launch are expected next year.

Grey Box and Six Foot have announced they will partner with developer Tequila Works to publish the studio's long-awaited title Rime.

Unveiled at Sony's Gamescom press conference, the game stars a young boy shipwrecked on an island after a storm. However, it seems development since it's announcement back in 2013, has been less than smooth sailing.

Sony was originally on board to publish the title, but Tequila Works reacquired the rights to the IP earlier this year. It's unclear whether creative differences between the companies was to blame or whether the developer wanted the freedom to bring Rime to other platforms.

With its young male protagonist and vibrant cel-shaded world, Rime has drawn considerable comparisons to PlayStation exclusive ICO. Despite the lengthy development period, details on Rime are still pretty scarce, but Tequila Works has promised players "a meaningful journey filled with discovery".

Rime is slated for a release sometime in 2017. The change in publisher means it's unlikely to remain a PS4 exclusive. However, further details on platform availability won't be announced until the beginning of next year.


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Published Aug. 13th 2016

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