Merry Gaming! Your Guide to Christmas 2017 In-Game Events

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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing

You might be saying to yourself,"Wait, I didn't know they celebrated Christmas in leaf village." Well, quit asking questions, because there are cute child versions of Sasuke and Itachi and you don't want them to get taken awake just because of your needless questions, do you? 

Login Bonuses

Over the course of the event, which ends on December 30th, there will be login bonuses of ninja pearls, ramen, and scrolls.

Summoning Banner

The aforementioned child Sasuke and Itachi dressed in Christmas costumes will be available in their own summoning event until December 25.

Impact Mission

There will also be a new Impact mission called "Impact! The Moon Goddess” featuring Kaguya Otsutsuki. Based on the epic battle from the anime, this event will run until January 11. After clearing all of the associated stages, you will be able to get “Kaguya Otsutsuki/ Founding Goddess★5”.

The “Blazing Festival Haru&Rai” will also be running until December 29 and will feature “Sakura Haruno/Sheer Diligence” and “Kakashi Hatake/Entrusted with Hope” both of whom are potentially useful units in the aforementioned Impact Mission.

Training Grounds: NEW PvP Mode

A new PvP mode, called Training Grounds, will be added to the game, which will allow you to play against your friends.

50 Free Ninja Pearls

Lastly, if you want some free ninja pearls, then you can like the associated Facebook post and rake in all of the pearls once, or if, it hits 20k.


Published Dec. 9th 2017

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