Merry Gaming! Your Guide to Christmas 2017 In-Game Events

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Fortnite- Survive the Holidays

Both Fornite's traditional format and its seemingly more popular Battle Royale mode, are receiving some obligatory holiday updates as well. There are significantly less substantial updates for the Battle Royale mode, so let's get them out of the way first. 

Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale is seeing some new, albeit temporary, additions, like the snowball grenade launcher and the battle bus. There will also be emotes added in for your emotional expression enjoyment.

Save the World Mode

There are honestly a ton of various additions, small and large, to the Save the World Mode, so if you want to see them all, then check out the link. Otherwise, some of the highlights are below.

  • There is a whole new event centered around the Holiday Survival update. working your way through said event promises to reward you with a ton of goodies. 
  • Mini-bosses have been significantly upgraded. There are new variants of the Husk, Husky and Smasher. And you can also find them in a wider variety of modes. Along with their increased difficulty, there are new and improved rewards for successfully defeating them.
  • Survive the Storm now has 3-day and 7-day variants. There's also a new winter-themed map. You can also expect mini-bosses to drop on days 3 and 7.
  • 4 new holiday-themed heroes
    • Sarah Claus: Alchemist.
    • Blitzen BASE Kyle: Warden
    • Snow Stalker Jonesy: Demolisher
    • Fragment Flurry Jess: Reclaimer
  • New Weapons
    • Including 3 Wintery Weapons:
      • Ralphie's Revenge: a low damage, high crit multiplier sniper rifle
      • Frostbite: water sniper rifle that gets headshot streak bonuses
      • Snowball Launcher: Snowballs ensare enemies in their tracks.
    • And a new set of "vacuum tube" weapons that use energy cells to deal nature damage, ie electrical damage with stunning effects, including:
      • Sniper Rifle, Auto Pistol, Revolver, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Ball Lightning Launcher
      • Axe, Sword, and Spear
  • You can also now upgrade your heroes' rarity.
Published Dec. 9th 2017

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