Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Next Generation VR Controllers

Sony's next-gen VR controllers incorporate DualSense features and enhanced motion tracking for a more immersive experience.

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 VR controllers today. Featuring an "iconic" design, the new controllers are said to incorporate better motion tracking, DualSense features such as haptic feedback, and more.

Hideaki Nishino, Sony's Senior Vice President for Platform Planning and Management, said the PS5 VR controllers underwent extensive ergonomic testing with various hand sizes. The result is an orb-shaped controller said to fit naturally in any hand and make VR gaming more comfortable.

The left control has a "Triangle" and "Square" button, plus an analog stick, "L1" and "L2" buttons, a "Grip" button, and a "Create" button. The right control has the "X" button ("cross," if you're inclined to chaos), "Square," another analog stick, and "Grip" button, "R1" and "R2," and the "Options" button.

Both the "L2" and "R2" buttons have adaptive trigger functions similar to the DualSense. Nishino didn't say if the PS5 VR's adaptive triggers include customization options. Both controllers also feature haptic feedback, and the new touch detection feature makes gesture controls easier to track without having to add extra finger pressure.

The controllers connect to the PS5 VR headset, something we've yet to see, through a ring at the bottom of each controller.

Sony's next-gen VR set will release sometime in 2022, and even though CEO Jim Ryan didn't say they're calling it PS VR 2, we bet it's called PS VR 2.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


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Published Mar. 18th 2021

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