Diablo III - Use New Difficulty Settings to Powerlevel For Reaper Of Souls

Looking to speed to 60 before Reaper of Souls? Check out these quick tips to help speed you on your way.

Everyone knows the Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls expansion comes out on March 25th, so here are some quick tips on how to power level. With the new difficulty settings, it's quite easy to go from 1-60 in a matter of days, especially with the current +50% EXP buff.


First I want to cover the new difficulty settings. Instead of the tier system it was on previously, where you have to beat the game to crank up the difficulty, now all difficulties besides Torment are open to players. With each increase added bonuses are granted to the player. I'll list the difficulties and bonuses below.


  • No added bonuses for the basic setting.


  • 75% Extra Gold Bonus
  • 75% EXP Bonus


  • 100% Extra Gold Bonus
  • 100% EXP Bonus
  • Bounties give double Blood Shards.


  • 200% Extra Gold Bonus
  • 200% EXP Bonus
  • Bounties give double Blood Shards.
  • Imperial Gems can drop from level 61 or higher monsters.


  • 300% Extra Gold Bonus
  • 300% EXP Bonus
  • Bounties give double Blood Shards.
  • Imperial Gems can drop from level 61 or higher monsters.
  • New Legendary items available at level 70.
  • *There are multiple levels of Torment EXP/Gold/and Legendary drop rate increases at each slider tier.*

Using The Difficulties:

You want to start at Hard or Expert and farm gear. Once you feel the difficulty is evening out, up the difficulty so that risk and reward balance out. Only accounts with a level 60 can utilize the Torment difficulty in solo play. If you have geared level 60 friends you can join them in Torment difficulty. Play at the difficulty you feel most comfortable with and play through the game to get your levels. 60s can carry you through levels in a few hours, or you can just go solo which may take a bit longer.

Utilize these tips with the ongoing +50% EXP bonus event going on right now to really speed level your Diablo III characters.

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Published Jul. 6th 2017

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