Why I'm So Addicted to Dota 2 & MOBA Games

I fell in love with MOBA Games and simply can't get enough. Here's what is it about the game that made me feel addicted, and what makes the game so good.

Cutting straight to the point, I've recently started playing Dota 2, a well known MOBA game known for its highly competitive gameplay, fantastic playable heroes and amazing gameplay features. Prior to playing Dota 2, I played any game I could find or purchase, no matter the genre, age limit or reviews. Now, I've realised that all of my time is going into Dota 2 and I don't even question why.

After playing 1318 hours of Dota 2, approximately 500 hours on League of Legends and a few hours of Smashmuck Champions, I've decided to share my thoughts on MOBA games, specifically Dota 2 and why I find it so addictive.

1. Competition

As humans we are all fairly competitive - including myself. In my first games of League of Legends I soon understood how much winning meant to the players in the game. I found this out as I got a fair amount of verbal abuse for playing so terribly (it happens in every game).  

The feeling at the end of each game is almost indescribable, win or loss. If you feel you've done well and the scoreboard agrees, usually the sense of achievement is high. When a player has done well, other players usually praise you and you feel a huge sense of achievement. Additionally, knowing that your beating your opponent to the pulp to the point of embarrassment must give me some form of satisfaction. 

2. Cosmetic Items

The cosmetic items are a big business in Dota 2, literally a business to some. I've spent a fair amount of time trading to get the best items for my favourite heroes. Having the best items in the game is just another thing to brag about in this game, and it feels great. Not only does it feel good to brag, but the way some of the items look is amazing and gives a sense of different and variation to the heroes.

People take trading seriously and some people make a lot of money from the steam market, either way these people don't play the game that much and usually just pay and trade. Overall, the items give further sense of achievement and a little something to look forward to every time you level up. 

3. The Heroes


Basically, heroes like Pudge just make the game that little bit better for me. For those who don't know, Pudge has a fairly ranged hook that drags enemies to him. Now this may not sound exciting, but when someone's on the other end of that hook crying, it's the best feeling ever. Some call it skill, I'd call it awesome! It's not just Pudge, all of the heroes have their own little perks and thrills.

Basically, It's a highly competitive, on edge game with so much replayability.

The game never ends, the players continue to get better. All of these things just make it addictive and made me play it over any other game. It's a game you simple can't get enough of.

~Daniel Willis

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I fell in love with MOBA Games and simply can't get enough. Here's what is it about the game that made me feel addicted, and what makes the game so good.


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Published Jan. 31st 2014
  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    Do you find it hard to play LOL after playing DOTA2? I feel like I *have* to choose one because the camera perspective and art style on the other completely throws me off.
  • Daniel Potts
    Hmmm good question. I find last hitting a lot easier on league and the roaming element of it but after playing Dota for so long the champs in league change and the team fight tactics are so different its quite tricky.

    I wouldn't say you have to choose, just keep updating on the heroes and patches for league while you play Dota :)

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