TLoU Left Behind DLC Unofficially Dated and Priced

It's not official, but we may have stumbled upon the date and price for Left Behind.

Neither Sony or Naughty Dog has delivered the price and date information, but both may have been prematurely revealed.

An image captured in the NeoGAF forums, as taken from the US PlayStation Store, says we should expect the anticipated narrative-driven DLC to arrive on February 14. It should also cost $14.99 and in my estimation, it'll be worth every penny.

We know we should expect a more "playful" theme and tone as compared to the very dark campaign, and we'll be introduced to the "real" Ellie. The expansion focuses on her relationship with friend and fellow survivor Riley, and players will also learn more about Ellie's unfortunate encounter with an Infected. Voice actress Ashley Johnson says the DLC is best characterized as a "post-pandemic version of two teenage girls hanging out."

If it does arrive on February 14, that will give all you lonely individuals out there something to do on Valentine's Day. Oh, that's not meant to be insulting; we've all been alone before on February 14th, right? Gotta find some way to entertain yourself.

This DLC I'll pay for

As is the case with the Burial of the Sea DLC for Bioshock Infinite, I always appreciate single-player expansions, which don't come around that often. $14.99 may seem a little high, but let's not forget that Naughty Dog produces top-tier AAA content, whether it's downloadable content or a full game. Given the production values we're almost guaranteed to see in Left Behind, I think fifteen bucks is more than fair. Of course, I'll have to play it before passing final judgment.

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Published Jan. 15th 2014

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