The Best Twitch Channels of 2016


Though he's been in and out of the Twitch/streaming game since 2011, LIRIK didn't really take off until around 2012, when he broke out with DayZ streams.

A variety streamer in the most classic sense, LIRIK constantly keeps up with the new, flashy titles in the gaming world and brings them to his ever-growing fanbase. While the League and Hearthstone streamers have dedicated themselves to mastering one craft for their viewers, LIRIK has dedicated himself to mastering the craft of viewers.

With followers numbering in the millions and an evolving gaming landscape to explore, LIRIK is the essential Twitch streamer -- engaging, entertaining, and ever-changing.

If you're ever cruising the Twitch channels between rounds or just looking for info on gaming's newest big title, it's hard to go wrong with LIRIK.

Published Dec. 12th 2016

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