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Today is November 11th which means, Dishonored 2 has officially been released!

After Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studio's first release of the Dishonored back in 2012, many gamer's couldn't help but fall in love with this action-adventure stealth game. From an engaging storyline, beautiful graphics, and dynamic characters it was not only a game worth playing but one to inspire cosplays to come.

While it is too early to say if fans will find the 4 year wait worth their while, we assure you the cosplays that have come out since the first initial drop certainly are.

In fact, these cosplays are so good if Dishonored were ever turned into a movie we'd certainly want these cosplayers to be cast as main and supporting characters.

From Corvo, Empress Jessamine, the Outsider and more, check out these 8 cosplays that do Dishonored, honor.


Brigmore Witch

Cosplayer: Ophidia

We were super excited to find this beautiful Brigmore Witch cosplay especially because they made a star appearance in the awesome Dishonored DLC, The Brigmore Witches. Without question, cosplayer Ophidia did an amazing job capturing the varicose vein and black magic using sirens appearance and spirit through makeup and costume.

In fact, at first glance you could think that this was a screencap from the game, it's THAT good!

Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano

Cosplayer: Maul Cosplay and Maja Felicitas

From one stunning cosplay to another, Maja Felicitas and Maul Cosplay aka Ben bring us some Dishonored 2 realness with their cinematic style capture of Emily and Corvo. If anything is better than this accurate portrayal than it's the amazing location that really gives this that Dishonored touch. 

Let's just hope the graphics are just as good.


The Outsider

Cosplayer: Becken95

The Outsider is a prominent figure in the Dishonored title and while he may not make a second appearance in the next half of the series, he is a character worth honoring. Obviously, cosplayer Becken95 agrees as she does an amazing job transforming herself to the nameless character as well as adding a little twist to the appearance.

Her makeup is flawless and while she may be The Outsider, she is certainly welcome on our list.

Empress Jessamine Kaldwin

Cosplayer: brother-caleb

If you don't recognize this Dishonored cosplay of Jessamine it's because cosplayer brother-caleb decided to take inspiration for her cosplay from early concept art of the Empress. It certainly is a departure from the Jessamine that ended up in the game and one can't help but wonder how her character would have been received by the masses.

Either way it is a great cosplay and if you want to see more of this cosplayer's take on this concept inspired piece, be sure to click on her name and check out her page.


The Golden Cat Courtesans

Cosplayers: Rin and Ophidia

Ophidia makes another appearance on our list but this time along with her friend as they cosplay lesser but equally important characters, courtesans. While the cosplay is honestly a simple one, it is still one to appreciate as there is even details in simplicity. This is also another cosplay where the picture does a great job bringing the characters to life.

Delilah Copperspoon

Cosplayer: Aris

Delilah Copperspoon is the head witch in charge and is a major and main character in the Dishonored DLC's "The Knife of Dunwall" and "Brigmore Witches."

Copperspoon might be a funny name but Aris' cosplay is something serious and a dead on impersonation of the powerful witch. Despite Delilah being somewhat of a frightening character in the world of Dishonored, this cosplay is absolutely inviting. 



Cosplayer: Viktor Kushnerov

If Daud was a human, this is what he would look like. No joke. From the facial expression, to the pose, cosplayer Viktor Kushnerov nailed the famed Knife of Dunwall and leader of the Whalers.

Sure, Daud may have assassinated the Empress Jessamine and kidnapped Emily but with this cosplay, Viktor only brings honor to the world of Dishonored cosplays.

Corvo Attano

Cosplayer: Mikami

As our list comes to an end, there is no way we could leave you without an amazing Corvo Attano cosplay. While there are tons of cosplays of Corvo out there, this one by Mikami of the one and only Lord Protector is undoubtedly one of the best. Maybe the best. Either way, serious props goes to Mikami.


Well that's it for our list. Have you picked up your copy of Dishonored 2 yet? Let us know how you enjoy it!

Published Nov. 10th 2016


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