A Surprise Reveal at SOE Live: EverQuest Next Landmark

The low down on the surprise announcement of EverQuest Next Landmark: "You got your Minecraft in my Everquest, and it's awesome!"

During the EverQuest Next reveal fans were treated to the surprise announcement of EverQuest Next Landmark.

Landmark will allow players to take advantage of the same tools that the developers used to create all of EverQuest Next.  In short, Landmark will allow players to claim land using a flag and then build whatever they want in the designated area.

The developers are using Landmark as a way to get players involved in creating their own experience. This will allow the dedicated fan base to have a part in carving out their own, personal niche in a sprawling environment with other players. And, obviously, players will also be allowed to enter each other’s environments and explore the persistently changing, player created environment.

Landmark is essentially a very in depth Minecraft that looks a lot more appealing.  You have the tools to create the exact same things you would have constructed in Minecraft, only in EverQuest Next Landmark you have nearly limitless constructive powers of a developer to round off edges and put a truly unique personal touch on the area around you.

Landmark is set to release this winter along with EverQuest Next. 

Keep your browsers locked to GameSkinny all weekend as I dive deeper and deeper into SOE Live. Make sure to check out some other EQNext articles like the voxel environment and the cool changes coming to the class system.

What kind of things are you most looking forward to creating in EverQuest Landmarks? Sound off in the comments down below and maybe I’ll let you come check out my in-game to-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon that I almost definitely won’t end up making!

Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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