The shadow of Tyria

The Shadows will come for everyone...

This is my Asura necromancer Fading Shadow, the outfit and pictures are inspired by darkness and everything scary. This is how i think every necromancer should look.


  • Fanged Dread Mask ( Mesmer starting mask )
  • Corrupted Orrian Mantle
  • Corrupted Orrian Vestments
  • Hellfire Vambraces
  • Nightmare Pants
  • Flame Legion Shoes
  • Sclerite Karka Shell ( Back Item )


  • The Crossing
  • Zhaitan's Reach
  • Sclerite Dagger


  • Abyss Dye
  • Lava Dye
  • Pine Dye



Published Jul. 31st 2013
  • Batresh_9280
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Congratulations Fading Shadow, you've placed in the top ten for most diabolically fashionable!

    Check out your fellow finalists here!
  • RelaxinGuy
    Awesome! The outfits of the others look really cool. Thanks to everyone for the great comments.
  • Ecobahn
    "Darkness and everything scary" is certainly right! Think you succeeded there!....are you sure the little Asura is a "hero of Tyria"? o.o
  • RelaxinGuy
    Ha thanks alot. Why be the hero of Tyria when you can be the shadow of Tyria ? ;)
  • Ecobahn
    But we have enough shadows and evil beings to defend against as it is! :p
  • Pallas Athene
    that is actually terrifying
  • Gwylen
    Very, very cool o_O
  • Tuomir
    As if normal asura weren't scary enough...
  • Guades
    Looks nice, from what I can see atleast. May I suggest taking some screenshots that more clearly show the armor and the interactions between the pieces, currently it all just looks like a tiny dark green blob of teared cloth and tentacles with ears.
  • RelaxinGuy
    I changed some of the pictures and changed the way they are uploaded. You should be able to see an enlarged version of the pictures now. If you have any other recommendations im happy to hear them.
  • Guades
    Thanks for uploading, now I can give you my more detailed opinion.

    Not having played much of Light armor classes I have no idea about all the different kinds of armor combinations one can make but this one almost spurs me on to go ahead and try.

    Using a different class's starting item is always a good idea in my opinion as it adds that little bit of uniqueness to your armor that you wouldn't otherwise have with standard armor. In this particular case though the mask is perfect for the dark and scary look the creator is going for. Regardless of if you found the mask by chance or by hard work you still have my kuddos regarding the entire clothing combination.

    The dyes are what make the armor come together. They're so well done that it took me up untill now to realize that you're wearing Hellfire Vambraces as the red of the vambraces blends in so nicely with the eye detailing on the chest and shoulder armor.

    In short, a very nice and unique dread-inspiring armor with excellent use of dyes.
  • RelaxinGuy
    Thanks for the great comment, these are the things that make working for a cool outfit worth all the hard work!

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