What does Bethesda need to do to make Fallout 4 perfect?

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More Radio!

The radio in Fallout 3 was brilliant. It kept the player op to date with events happening in the world and also alerted players to the consequences on their actions. We got awesome oldies music to boot! The problem is, again, it got repetitive rather quickly. After hearing “Butcher Pete” for the umpteenth time and Three Dog telling me about the results of a quest I completed hours ago, I had to turn off the radio.

Fallout 4 can fix this by adding more music, dialogue, and even stations! It would be cool to tune into different stations broadcasting from different parts of the world and hear each region’s take on events. Each region could even have their own music they prefer to hear over the airwaves! The stations could even have rotating DJs the player or others can eliminate if they don’t like what the DJ says. The possibilities are nearly endless with this; so it would be great to see Bethesda do more with the great foundation they have. 

Published May. 18th 2015

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