Things we love: Gamer dorm room decor

Spruce up your dorm room with some gaming decor! Includes your very own bat signal.

Whether you're a bright-eyed freshman or a returning champ, you need something to brighten up your college living space. Before you head back to school, grab some decor from your favorite games to spice up those white cinder block walls! Here's a few of my favorites to get you started.

Welcome to Lordran Travel Poster

Praise the sun! When school seems hard, look at this poster and remember the REAL tough times.

Fallout 4 Coasters

I'm not sure why you'd have any other coasters. Let your friends know that you're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!

Batman LED Sign

Finally - your very own bat signal. Light this baby up to give you some inspiration from the dark knight. I am darkness. I am the night. I. Am. BATMAN! *knocks over glass of water onto computer*

Community Manager

Automatically likes most games in which you can ride a horse at will. Gets claustrophobic when exploring buildings in Fallout 3 and at no other time ever. Enjoys tea, puppies, and swords.

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Published Aug. 15th 2016

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