Gamer Gift Guide: Handmade Gifts for Your Favorite Gamer

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So you've got a gamer you've got to buy for this holiday season. And you don't want to just get them another Zelda t-shirt and a truly fantastic set of headphones from Turtle Beach is just a little too costly. What you want is something that will stand out from the rest of the gamer stuff that's out there. 

This is the list for you. 

Everything in this list comes from the site Etsy, sort of an Amazon marketplace for homemade goods. You can check out the list on Etsy here, or you can just go through the slideshow and check out some of my homemade faves. 

Published Dec. 18th 2013
  • Inner Character
    Wow, how did I not see this until now? No wonder I sold so many of those helmets last year!
  • Samuel Smith
    Featured Contributor
    I'd love one of those Pokemon mousepads! The starter Pokemon one looks great.

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