6 Amazing and Simple Video Game Tattoos

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Brilliant, intricate sleeves and full back tattoos are glorious in their artistic skill and value, but simple tattoos can be just as amazing. They are also more affordable and less of a commitment for those of us that want to show off a video game tattoo. So I've taken to the nerdtattoos subreddit to find the best subtle artwork that a fan would feel proud to wear on their body!

Assassin's Creed Insignia 

Use this beautiful tattoo to showcase your part in the Assassin Order. There have been multiple renditions of the insignia throughout the game series, so to add a little more flair the version from the Italian Renaissance or the Babylonian Assassins could be done instead.

"The symbol that you sought and found... It is a mark of courage and honor, yes. But it promises pain and loss as well."

--Oiá:ner, speaking of the Insignia


Scene from Fallout series

If you're looking for a Fallout tattoo, one that includes a radroach, Nuka-Cola, and an explosion all in one is a good way to do it. As an added bonus, it's all composed rather nicely without being too large. 


Half-Life Logo

The Half-Life logo represents the Greek letter, Lambda. It is frequently used in the game series because it part of the equation for radioactive decay. Lambda is important in math and programming, so the tattoo could have multiple reasons for being nerdy.

Love Ball from Pokemon

A love ball, or just a regular ole poke ball, would be a great way to express your love for Pokemon and to mark yourself as a gamer.  The love ball is especially adorable, and could demonstrate your skill at catching the opposite (or same) sex.


Samus from Metroid Series

This Samus tattoo is beautifully done and great for any fan. Samus is an inspiration to women, and the creative choice to add the Rosie the Riveter style pin-up bow to her head was an excellent one. 

"Samus is an ideal role model not just to me, but for many women to look up to as a powerful game icon."

--Michelle Perl, cosplayer

Space Invaders

Go classic with this Space Invaders tattoo! Tattoos that can use just one color ink and look incredible are very impressive. Get your hands on an arcade game inspired tattoo to prove you've been lovin' video games for longer than most. 

Published Jun. 10th 2016



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