Fallout Shelter for Android - first impressions

Good for Fallout Fans. Great for non-Fallout Fans. Best for the franchise.

"OK, Bethesda, jeez, you don't have to twist my arm. I'll download your... OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS AWESOME," said every Android user in the world this morning.

After seemingly snubbing Android users in favor of Apple users, Fallout Shelter was finally released in the Google Play Store this morning and I have to say, as a huge fan of the Fallout franchise, this is a pretty great game. I never indulge in microtransactions, but I am sorely tempted by this game. Those sweet, sweet lunchboxes call out to me.

The game is simple and straightforward, but I only just began playing. It is apparent to me that the game will quickly grow very complex, and the learning curve is well-crafted, easing me into the different aspects of play. It is easy to play and pleasing to the eye, with the classic Fallout aesthetic shining through.

 Vault, Sweet Vault

What I like the most so far is the fact that the game is incredibly accessible to people who know nothing about Fallout. It is a great game in its own right, not piggybacking off of the success of the franchise at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite; it adds quite a bit to the universe. I hope, as I am sure Bethesda is as well, that Fallout Shelter will bring many new players into the fold.

Click my beautiful vault above for a link to the Google Play Store page!

See you soon with a full review.


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Published Aug. 13th 2015

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