Linkle gets combat trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends

Watch Linkle kick some Moblin butt in this new trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends!

Koei Tecmo has released another character trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends, and it is perhaps one of the most interesting of the new additions!

Get comfortable and watch Linkle take on a horde of enemies.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" />

If you've been following the game, you'll already know Ganondorf was the latest character to show off his new weapon. Linkle seems to do a devastating amount of damage to a lot of enemies at one time. Towards the end of the trailer, you can see her special move featuring a gigantic bomb!

She uses a couple of crossbows and can use these in both close range and long range fashion, and she could give Link a run for his money. She is looking powerful.

There has not really been any new details regarding her backstory, but the pendant around her neck is probably quite important. European fans can receive a replica if they purchase the special edition of the game when it is released on March 25th next year with the North American release being the same day. Japanese gamers are fortunate enough to get the game a couple of months earlier on January 21st.

Has this got you excited to play Linkle? What are your thoughts on the inclusion of her in the game? As always let me know in the comments below!

Published Dec. 4th 2015

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