CableKeeps Video Review: Adorable Charging Block Eaters and Cable Winders

CableKeeps by Nice Inc. solve the plague of the ever tangling USB cord, at $16USD each, with international adaptations, these just make sense!

Over the past week or so I have been carefully integrating CableKeeps by Nice Inc., into my command center and every day life.  The transition has been tangle free, and has left me continually surprised at how I ever survived without them.

Nice Inc., a just-north-of-Seattle company, started on Kickstarter with the PadPivot.  Their crowdfunding was successful enough that they got off the ground, and eventually developed and began manufacturing their nautical themed cable management system- CableKeeps. 

I was able to test out Goldie (for iPod/iPhone charging blocks), Nibbles and Gulp (both for iPad/iPad Mini charging blocks).  For the purposes of this review, I don't have an iPod/iPhone charger, but I did loan Goldie to a friend for a day who gave him two thumbs up and agreed with all of my major points.  

The concept of CableKeeps is both basic, and ingenious.  

  1. Allow the chosen CableKeeps (I like Nibbles) to consume the chosen power block.  
  2. Attach a usb charging cable to charging block, wind the cable around the CableKeeps' tail, and clip it into the grooves in the middle.  The unit is secure, stable with just a little bit of flexibility.  

They are made out of rubberized plastic, so even the edges are going to be safe if thrown into a purse or given to a toddler to play with. (Or if they steal it, either way they're safe--also please don't allow your child to play with charging blocks while inside of your CableKeeps).

For more information on which CableKeeps is right for you (including international uses), or to order both retail and wholesale visit Nice By Design.  The units are incredibly well priced at $16 USD each, with options for purchasing in larger quantities with great discounts. 

The only complaint I have about this product? I love it and I want one for my third party chargers.  Until such a time as a universal CableKeeps becomes available, it looks like I'm back to using my apple chargers, because these goodies are just too darned awesome to not use all the time. 

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CableKeeps by Nice Inc. solve the plague of the ever tangling USB cord, at $16USD each, with international adaptations, these just make sense!

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Published Apr. 26th 2013

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