Life Goes On Even After Death

It's a little morbid, but a lot fun!

Life Goes On is one of the most amusing platformers I’ve ever played. That really says something about my sense of humor.

What exactly do you mean?

In the first level, the floor is covered in spikes. You die as soon as you fall on to them, and your corpse stays there even after you respawn. Then you use said corpse as a stepping stone to further your way across the level to reach (what I assume is) the Holy Grail. (The character seems to be a knight in pursuit of a bejeweled chalice. Holy Grail seems like the best assumption.)

Aside from purposefully impaling cartoon knights on spikes (which, by the way, isn’t gory at all, so don’t worry if you’re squeamish like me), you also have to occasionally kill your character so that their corpse lands on and can permanently depress a switch. In the second level of the demo, you must do this to raise a gate that blocks your way to the Grail.

This sounds kind of silly.

Of course it’s silly. But it’s also funny and adorable. I mean, come on, look at that art. See? Isn't that knight cute as he steps on the bodies of his fallen allies?

As an added bonus, every single time you die, your new character comes with a different name. Jonkvrouw Michelle Potts, Mother Superior Roxie Solo, The Opposite Jonkheer Rhett Hoop the Second, and so on and so forth. Incredibly ridiculous, and incredibly entertaining.

You don’t have to be amazing at platformers to play it, either. I, personally, am very horrible at them. I die a lot, but that turned out to be a positive for this game.

I played a demo version of the Life Goes On, which is currently available on Steam. I suggest you head on over and check it out. The full game should be releasing in early 2014.

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It's a little morbid, but a lot fun!


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Published Sep. 8th 2013

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