5 Etsy shops to indulge your inner gamer

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Looking to treat your inner gamer with some sweet new gear? Well, look no further! Etsy is always my go-to marketplace for unique finds. I've made a list of my favorite shops that have game-inspired swag.

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or a friend, these shops will definitely be your new-found heaven. There are loads of prints and accessories coming your way. I hope your body (and wallet) is ready. 

Published Jun. 20th 2015
  • Auverin Morrow
    Senior Editor - JTP
    Irresistibly cool nerd gear like this is the reason I'm broke all the time. There used to be an Etsy shop that sold glass pokeballs with illuminated glass sculptures of the original 151 inside. They were so beautiful.
  • SwordandSorcery
    You mean this one? https://www.etsy.com/people/cliffordnaiman?ref=owner_profile_leftnav

    Apparently they'll have new stock in July.
  • Manisha Hossain
    ah so clutch! I hope they update soon, I really want to get my hands on Squirtle. Call me basic but I have the biggest soft spot for him :D Thank you for the link!
  • Manisha Hossain
    ah, tell me about it. I had seen a photo-set of that on tumblr just the other day actually! They look gorgeous, I couldn't find them online after:(

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