The Walking Dead: 400 Days

An awesome, albeit short chapter that sets up the next season in The Walking Dead game.

400 Days is a continuation of Telltale's The Walking Dead game, and serves as a prequel of sorts for the upcoming second season. The story runs parallel to both the first five episodes of the game (Season One) and Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, but introduces 5 new protagonists.

Top Left to Bottom Right: Wyatt, Shel, Russel, Vince, Bonnie

400 Days tells five linked stories, each centered around an abandoned truck stop on a desolate Georgia highway. Each story takes place at different points in time and from the point of view of a new survivor, from the first day of the zombie apocalypse to day 400.

As you choose which character you want to play as (don't worry, you will get a chance at all of them), you get to see how each story overlaps with the others, and even see locations and characters from season one.

It is the same point and click adventure type game that Telltale loves, and still lends itself well to the story telling in the game. There are less dialogue options, or choices that actively matter in the game. Any important decisions basically boil down to the last 5 minutes of that particular story. You won't get to stop the outcome of the stories, but you will help dictate if these people will appear in the next season.

Since the game is smaller than previous entries, it runs without the hiccups previous episodes had. It runs smoothly, and even has better facial animations.

Fortunately, despite the length, the stories still are emotionally gripping. Even spending 15 minutes with some characters makes you desperately want to see how their stories continue. Characters have depth despite short screen time, and even rival the character complexities Clementine and Lee had.

Some small caveats, there is a decision in one of the stories that seems completely arbitrary, but is a huge deciding factor on whether the character will appear again. It gave you little to no reason why which choice was better than the other, but still levies a huge penalty on you for choosing the "wrong" one.

Other issues that may bother people are the lack of meaningful choices. Sure, you might have overlap from one to the next, but for the most part they are extremely linear. There is a lack of danger which  combined with the "non choices" makes this episode seem more like an interactive movie than a video game.

People might complain short length of the game (which clocks in at about 2 hours), but for $5 (or cheaper on Steam's summer sale), it is definitely worth it. The characters and stories will get you excited and ready for next season and leaves you with a hell of a cliff hanger.

Our Rating
An awesome, albeit short chapter that sets up the next season in The Walking Dead game.


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Published Jul. 12th 2013
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