Captain Tsubasa Scores New Story Update and Challengers

A new DLC update has been released for Captain Tsubasa featuring new story content and new characters.

A new story update and three new playable characters are now available through the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Character Pass.

The additions from Developer Tamsoft Corporations and publisher Bandai Namco mean there have been six total characters added to the game since March, and there are now a total of nine characters in the Character Pass.

The new story content continues Episode: New Hero with the Tachibana twins, Kazuo and Masao, in the Hanawa MS Route. You'll also be able to develop new aerial skills like the Skylab Triangle and take advantage of a new appeal command, Tachibana's Scheme.

The characters added in DLC 3 include Pepe, Xiao Junguang, and Taichi Nakanishi, and each of them comes with their own special abilities. 

If you've not yet purchased the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Character Pass, it is available on all platforms for $24.99. For more details on what else to expect in the update, check the official announcement on Bandai Namco's website.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions released for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2020. In our review, we called it "the best arcade sports title to come out since Rocket League," high praise for any game.  


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Published Apr. 22nd 2021

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