Your Exclusive Guide to Pre-ordering Final Fantasy XV

Find out which retail pre-order version of Final Fantasy XV is right for you!

With Final Fantasy XV releasing on November 29, a guide to pre-ordering the game is more than needed.

Final Fantasy XV is the latest installment in Square Enix’s popular RPG series. Taking place in the world of Eos, the game follows Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum as he learns that his homeland has been invaded and his father, the King, killed. This sets Noctis on a quest to reclaim his kingdom with the help of his loyal brothers-in-arms.

There are five main versions of the game available to pre-order on either console: Day One Edition, Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Digital Pre-Order Edition and Digital Premium Edition.

Each version comes with various additions and bonuses, but there are also console- and store-exclusive promotions to look out for; take a look below to find comprehensive coverage on all the available pre-order options.

Day One Edition

Platform: Xbox One, PS4

Price: $59.99

By pre-ordering a standard physical copy of Final Fantasy XV, you’ll get the Day One Edition of the game.

The Day One Edition comes with the Masamune -- a classic Final Fantasy weapon -- available to use in-game via download. It also has a nice reversible inlay, so you can choose between an action shot of Noctis and the more traditional plain Final Fantasy logo.

While in most instances the physical copy should be delivered to you on release day, this is not always the case as delays can waylay your purchase.

Deluxe Edition

Platform: Xbox One, PS4

Price: $89.99

The Deluxe Edition comes in an exclusive artwork-covered steelbook case, housing both the game disc and a copy of the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie on Blu-Ray.

The Deluxe Edition also contains the all Day One Edition content, plus some cool additional items:

  • Exclusive “Platinum Leviathan” Car Recolor DLC
  • Exclusive “Royal Raiment” DLC Costume from the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Movie

Ultimate Collector's Edition

Platform: Xbox One, PS4

Price: $269.99

As the title suggests, this is one for the hardcore collectors. With a limited edition run of 30,000 units worldwide, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition is exclusive to the official Square Enix Online Store.

Alongside all of the Deluxe Edition content, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition comes with all four available in-game item DLC packs:

  1. Travel Pack
  2. Camera Kit
  3. Angler Kit
  4. Gourmand Kit

You’ll also get a host of exclusive physical merchandise:

  • 2 exclusive steelbook cases depicting FFXV’s four main characters
  • Official Blu-Ray Disc Music (featuring music from FFXV, Kingsglaive and Brotherhood)
  • Brotherhood Blu-Ray series with additional bonus scene
  • Noctis Play Arts Kai Action Figure with exclusive weapon
  • 192-page Hardcover Art Book

Whilst this version has the most content of all, be aware that it still does NOT include the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass!

Digital Pre-Order Edition

Platform: Xbox One, PS4

Price: $59.99

This is the digital version of the standard physical game and will be playable on release day.

However, this digital edition comes with a few more extras than the Day One Edition. Alongside the Masamune sword, players on both consoles will receive a "16-Bit Buddies" skin for the in-game car and the Angler Kit, an item kit useful for fishing.

There are also a number of console-exclusive bonuses:

  • Xbox One owners get 3 Xbox Avatar items: Male Noctis costume, Female Noctis costume, and a Carbuncle pet.
  • PlayStation 4 owners instead get the ‘FFXV Big Bang’ theme.


Digital Premium Edition

Platform: Xbox One, PS4

Price: $84.99

The Digital Premium Edition includes everything in the standard digital edition above, but the extra $25 on the price tag adds access to the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass.

The Season Pass gives players access to upcoming DLC, with which six packs of working titles have been announced:

  1. FFXV Booster Pack
  2. FFXV Episode Gladio
  3. FFXV Holiday Pack
  4. FFXV Episode Ignis
  5. FFXV Episode Prompto
  6. FFXV Expansion Pack

These packs will introduce the ability to play as Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto in their own episodes—as well as giving access to powerful weapons and extra item packs.

If you’re playing on PS4, you’ll also get a Final Fantasy XV Digital Mini Soundtrack and the “Digital Premium Edition Original Theme”.

Finally, anyone who orders the Digital Premium Edition on either console will receive the Camera Kit item set and a "Platinum Leviathan" color skin for the car.

Note that people who have already pre-ordered the standard digital edition can upgrade to the Premium Edition for the extra $24.99 Season Pass cost.

Retailer Exclusives:

As well as the variety of versions available for pre-order, both GameStop and Square Enix are providing extra exclusive bonuses.


  • If you pre-order any copy of Final Fantasy XV (Day One or Deluxe Editions), you’ll receive A King’s Tale FFXV. This is a standalone game where players can control a young King Regis in a fictional story set 30 years before FFXV takes place.

Square Enix

  • Order any version of Final Fantasy XV from Square Enix’s Online Store to get an exclusive 5-postcard set and to be entered into the Carbuncle Surprise sweepstakes, where you can win both in-game and real-world loot. 

With such a huge variety of purchasing options, do you plan on pre-ordering Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in the comments section below.


Published Feb. 8th 2018

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