Bloodborne Boss Guide - Beating Father Gascoigne

Here's some useful tips to surviving and defeating Bloodborne's second boss, Father Gascoigne.

You are now ready, good hunter, for the second boss encounter after surviving thus far in Bloodborne. Yharnam is set to unleash Father Gascoigne upon you and he is a unique foe.

If you're in need, make sure to look here for tips and guides on your journey.

Preparation first

Head back to the Hunter's Dream to repair your weapons and fully stock up on needed supplies. Be sure to have Blood Echoes handy for repairs and to purchase these:

  • (20) Blood Vials
  • (10) Molotov Cocktails

You'll also need these:

  • Tiny Music Box
  • Very powerful weapons

Obtaining the Tiny Music Box

You'll need to enter Central Yharnam and find the little girl in order in obtain the Tiny Music Box.

Follow these steps:

  • From the Hunter's Dream, select 'Central Yharnam'
  • Head down the stairs to the left of the lamp
  • Either run past or kill the infected man by the next staircase
  • Go down these stairs, heading left down the next set of stairs
  • Head straight past the two trolls; either kill or ignore
  • Go down the stairs
  • Activate the lever for the elevator
  • Enter the elevator for it to lower
  • Upon exiting, head towards your right to descend the ladder
  • Upon reaching the bottom, turn right
  • Head straight to the next ladder on your left avoiding the enemies on the ground; either kill or ignore
  • Ascend both ladders
  • Take your first left to head along the path
  • Make another left
  • Ascend the ladder on the far right next to the troll

Upon reaching the top, you'll see a lit, gated window on the right. Press the X button to activate the conversation. You must agree to find her Mum in order to obtain the Tiny Music Box.

Here's a helpful video above on obtaining the Tiny Music Box by Technosapien36.

Battle Tactics

Note: Make sure to equip Molotov Cocktails and the Tiny Music Box in your Quick Item Slots.

  • Lock-on with the RS or R3 button to guide your Molotov Cocktails
  • Avoid holding the Square button too long to throw them so you don't over aim; this will cause you to waste your precious asset, which can cost you dearly
  • Remember to keep moving at all times
  • Never stand still or this will result in your ultimate demise
  • Move in with your weapon to make your powerful R1 and R2 button attacks; your visceral attacks will be your greatest assests here
  • Quickly backaway by using the Circle button
  • Press down on the D-pad to select the Tiny Music Box
  • Use the Tiny Music Box by pressing the Square button once Father Gascoigne is at half health; this will also trigger Father Gascoigne's transformation
  • Again move in with your weapon to make your powerful R1 and R2 button attacks; remembering to keep moving at all times
  • Don't forget to keep a close eye on your health
  • Use your Blood Vials to restore your HP by using the Triangle button
  • Once he's at a third of his health, use the Tiny Music Box again to distract him
  • Use your powerful R1 and R2 button attacks until he is defeated

And he's out

Once you've taken out Father Gascoigne with extreme prejudice, you'll unlock:

  • Your next checkpoint
  • The Oedon Tomb Key
  • The Father Gascoigne Trophy
  • 1,800 Blood Echoes
  • And you can progress to the next stage of the game

Don't forget to look here for tips and guides on your journey. Good luck and happy hunting.

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Published Mar. 28th 2015

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