The Unholy Union of Arrested Development and Capcom

"Dr. Tobias Funke presents: The Acting Styles of Tobias Funke."

With the return of the show Arrested Development, frozen banana stands have popped up in several cities. But that isn't the only bit of promotional material. "Actor" Tobias Funke (played by David Cross) has put out a sizzle reel of his chameleon like abilities to morph into any character type, from cowpoke to grizzled biker. 

There is also the Tobias Funke Insert Him Anywhere campaign, where viewers and talent agents are invited to "insert me into any available openings -- my bits are sure to startle you." 

Capcom has taken Tobias up on this challenge, and inserted him into several of their classic video games. See Tobias battle in Street Fighter, or appear in Mega-Man

Are there any other developers you'd like to see take up the Insert Me Anywhere challenge? Be sure to check out the Insert Me Anywhere site. 

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Published May. 17th 2013
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Oh god this is just feeding my hype for season 4.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    that Tobias Funke site is all sorts of beautiful.

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