Satisfy Your Hunger With These Fallout Inspired Creations

Silence those stomach grumbles, and quench your thirst with three amazing recipes based on Fallout foods.

Hunger. Hunger never changes, but the foods that we crave certainly do. Looking for a change from your normal fare? Try out these recipes inspired by foods and drinks from the Fallout series.

First up is a dish created after the Mirelurk Cake by Gary Staley. Mirelurks are large mutated crustaceans, presumably radiated crabs and lobsters, with hardened shells. When killed, they can drop Mirelurk meat, which can be made into Mirelurk Cakes. According to the chef, the only change from the original game recipe is switching out green onion for sea greens and reducing the proportions. Sounds tasty.

To clear away any crabby remnants before moving on to the next course we have a liquid concoction. Welcome the Dirty Wastelander, created by Josh McCleary. Featuring mint, berries and cola, the Dirty Wastelander is sure to clear your pallet and make you a happy adventurer. For those looking to enjoy the wasteland without getting all dirty, he has created a Clean Wastelander.

The final dish comes from The Gluttonous Geek and is based around the Radstag, a mutated deer with two heads. Accompanied by a tale of Daring Do, this Radstag Stew recipe is sure to please. Substituting regular, non-radiated venison for the Radstag, the stew is hearty and sure to warm the belly on a cold wasteland night.

Will you be making any of these delicacies? Let us know how they turn out!

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Published Aug. 29th 2016

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