10 Types of Games We Want to See on Microsoft Hololens

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E3 2015 was pretty damn awesome, but in spite of the amazing new features and games that were announced, I think the thing that I'm most excited for is Microsoft Hololens. For gaming to grow as an entertainment platform and as an art form, audiences will need to embrace the new and exciting technologies being implemented. Unfortunately, "new" and "different" can be slow to catch on. 

While motion controls have apparently overstayed their welcome, and Oculus Rift-style VR has yet to fully arrive, I believe that Microsoft's Hololens might have the appeal necessary to push gaming forward towards new and exciting changes, revolutionizing the way that we play video games. Sure, playing Minecraft with the Hololens is a novel idea, but just think of all the other video games that would benefit from a similar concept, played on a coffee table like a 3D board game, or even projected out onto the floor of your living room.

The following slideshow is a list of games and game genres that would be absolutely killer on Microsoft Hololens. Keep in mind that while some of these games are unlikely to appear on a Microsoft platform, that doesn't stop Microsoft from developing similar games, nor does it stop their competitors from developing similar technologies.

Published Jun. 17th 2015
  • ericzutter
    A game that you missed is Battle Chess. It's a chess game with animated chess pieces.

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