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You remember when you first bought Tomodachi Life and, after you made everyone in the room and your secret crush, you started thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if my avatar hooked up with my fictional love, lol?"

So you make a few of your fictional crushes, and you wait for them to notice you -- but instead, they notice someone else, and you're like, "No! That's not who you're supposed to be with!" -- and now Mario is married to Zelda, and Link is watching Samus, and Peach is starting a family with your cousin Joe, and you're starting to think that this isn't too bad ....

Okay, so maybe this is more of a personal problem. But there is something unbelievably fun about romantically pairing off characters that could never meet in their respective universes. 

It's up to you to decide if these 10 crossover couples are more of a crack pairing, a match made in heaven, or a match made in the ninth circle of hell. 

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Mario x Sonic

Admittedly, this first pairing is more of a crack pairing than any serious inkling I have to ship these two. But their fanbases are so large -- and terrifying -- that even if I were loath to seriously include them on this list, somewhere out there is someone currently writing the fanfiction and drawing the art (you could not pay me to link to this), and I have no choice but to add them to a crossover coupling list because of their popularity. 

Is it their competitive natures that appeal to people? Their similar "Jack of All Trades" stats in their sports games? Perhaps it's the contrast of the red and the blue. 

I don't know. I don't care. Perhaps in a PG universe, I could see the appeal -- alas, as long as rule 34 exists in the universe, I will never do an image search for Mario and Sonic ever again. 

Samus x Mega Man

I think we deserve a well-earned palate cleanser after that first ship. Let's reward ourselves with the cuteness that is Samus and Megaman. 

What's not to love? They both shoot guns, they both fight aliens, and they're both heroes worth looking up to. They even have the cute complementary color palette of blue and orange that alludes to them being an "opposites attract" couple, even though I just spent three sentences saying how similar they are. 

If nothing else, Samus x Mega Man fulfill the cutest couple trope of all: height difference.

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Jinx x Harley Quinn

With all the hubbub going around about people finally realizing that Joker and Harley's relationship isn't as cute as everyone once thought it to be, it's nice to know that people can escape that Mad Love by shipping Harley with someone else -- like with League of Legends' Jinx. 

Though, with both of their tendencies to blow stuff up and laugh about it, their relationship could be just as dysfunctional as Joker and Harley. 

But they just look so cute together ....

As a side note, some fanfic writers and fan art artists portray Jinx as Joker and Harley's daughter; personally, I prefer the romantic ship. 

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Lara Croft x Nathan Drake

I talk a lot about couples made for each other, but in all honesty, I don't think there's any crossover couple as made for each other as Lara Croft and Nathan Drake are. 

I don't even have to tell you why they would work together because I'm sure that as soon as you saw them staring soulfully into each other's eyes, you were like, "Ah. Yep. I get it." 

Just imagine the temples they could explore. Imagine the shenanigans. Imagine the perils they'll face -- together. I'm dying over here. 

Good thing there's enough fan art and some fanfiction to hold me over until someone makes me a game.

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Nurse x Witch

Who's says monsters can't have love? Any piece of fiction retelling the story of Beauty and the Beast sets out to prove this theory -- and people love it. 

But will people love it as much if a monster is paired with another monster? I like to think so -- and no monsters go better together than a Witch and a Nurse. 

Though most people ship the Nurse from Silent Hill with Pyramid Head (which is also cute -- if you can call couples like that cute), and Left 4 Dead's Witch with the Hunter, putting the two creepy women together just seems like the only natural course of action. 

They're both dreary, creepy, and ready to kill. I am ready for the fan art.

(Seriously, though. Where is it?)

Wii Fit Trainer x Villager

Super Smash Bros is an amazing game. It satisfies our hunger for crossovers by combining our favorite characters into one game and letting them tear each other apart -- or work together.

It also pairs people together that you would never expect to be together until you hear someone say, "Wouldn't they be cute?" and suddenly that couple is all you can think about. 

That's gotta be the only explanation for the Wii's Wii Fit Trainer being paired with Animal Crossing's Villager. Their popularity is baffling, but spend enough time looking at the fanart, and you start to see what everyone else is seeing: they are kinda cute together...

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Slenderman x Enderman

Yes, you read that right. Slenderman x Enderman. 

I bet you didn't know this was a thing. And why would you even think about it, except for the fact that they both lurk around at night and try to kill you? And their names both end in -man, which I guess just solidifies their love. 

Slenderman and Enderman are a thing, guys. Find the fanfic, look for the fan art, and you will find it because this is a thing. 

And you know what? It's not the worst thing I've ever seen. I can see where people are coming from. So enjoy all you can of these two before the Slenderman movie comes out and some really uncomfortable new ships arise. 

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Nurse Joy x Dr. Mario

You know which Mario doesn't get enough love? Dr. MarioTalk about a fun game with a cute aesthetic and an intense hard mode. Some of the love for this game was renewed when Super Smash Bros brought Dr. Mario into the ring, but what sort of love does Dr. Mario really deserve? 

Though he could be paired with any nurse and people would probably be like, "Oh, cute," Dr. Mario and Nurse Joy make a cute couple. 

They both deserve more than their fandom gives them -- and their stereotypical medical outfits pair well together. 

So please, internet. Give the people what they want. 


Pinky x Boo

The research I did for this article took me to some dark places, showed me some things I've never wanted to see ever in my life, burned frightening images into my brain. 

One of the few bright aspects I found while searching was a brief line that mentioned Boo and Pinky as a couple, and I thought that was the cutest thing I've ever heard. 

Two ghosties with differing agendas in different universes, living their undead lives and haunting their heroes. I'm glad someone out there thought to pair them together, because I think two 8-bit ghosts together is the most adorable thing that can happen in an article like this. 

Jigglypuff x Kirby

Another cute and wholesome ship, Jigglypuff and Kirby are a pair that I never thought about together until I saw a piece of fanart and cursed myself for not thinking of it sooner. 

Although their relationship seems to stem from the fact that they're both pink and round and adorable, they work as a pair because they're both pink, round, and adorable together. 

And there's nothing wrong with pairing together two cute things. 

It's been a wild ride. We've gone from couples that are borderline terrifying because of their fandoms to couples that are borderline terrifying because they are literally monsters who kill people. 

But love is love, and the internet is the internet, and you can't stop people from wanting and believing in love -- and then writing about it and drawing pictures for it. 

Maybe, instead of searching through the internet to satisfy your cravings for crossover ships, just stick to Tomodachi Life. At least you can guarantee PG -- and only PG -- things happening on that game. 

Published Jan. 15th 2018



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