[GW 2 Fashion] More fashion than protection - who cares?!

Just a sweet little dress for singing, dancing and breaking my enemy's mind into a thousand tiny pieces...

Once again, the whole outfit started with a skirt… I just fell in love with it, but I didn’t really care for the rest of the Aetherblade outfit. And I always wanted to use the cabalist boots, they are just so cute with the little pompoms. This was my first try to create a unique set of armor for a Sylvari, as I tend to find it hard with that particular race, because they already have such wonderful cultural armor that fits perfectly. But I didn’t want to lose all of her... "plant-likeness," so I kept some of the Orchid parts.

As Catelyn Blütentanz is a mesmer by heart, she loves all the small (and not so small) beautiful things in the world. When exploring the Iron Marches she stumbled upon this lovely crystal cavern, which reminded her a lot of the tales of Glint’s Cave embedded in a tiny grain of sand, somewhere in the Crystal Desert.

To get her look you’ll need:

  • Tahlkora’s Mask
  • Orchid Epaulets
  • Winged Tunic
  • Orchid Gloves
  • Aetherblade Light Pants
  • Cabalist Boots

Used Colors: Midnight Purple, Indigo, Wintergreen, and a little Abyss for the cogs and buckles on her skirt.


Published Aug. 12th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    Trendsetting look this one! Love the harmoniously melded Sylvari cultural and cloth light armour pieces. Really well thought out, and its paid off. Great job!

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