Flip Master Tips and Tricks: The Beginner's Guide to Dominating the Trampoline

Need help getting started with Flip Master? Here are a few tips and tricks that will make you a master of any trampoline.

Flip Master is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Miniclip. With over 50,000 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars on the Google Play StoreFlip Master is most definitely a well-received app.

The game comes with a mostly voiced tutorial, though the information it provides is just barely enough to get you started. Because of how sparse it is, we've collected some extra beginner's tips and tricks that will have you bouncing through Flip Master like never before. Let's get down to it!

Trampolines Are Your Friends

Flip Master has many unlockables, but none are as important as new trampolines. The basic starting one is simply pathetic. Newer unlocks will allow you to bounce higher, which gives you extra time to do more of the tricks and spins that net you coins. 

Trampolines function much like new areas, with new scenery unlocking when you acquire them. Beyond a higher bounce, new trampolines will also usually have a larger surface area to give you more room to plan and execute your move sets.

Just make sure to begin using a new trampoline immediately after you unlock it! This way you can begin to snowball your gains and grind through the game faster.

Don't Forget About Training!

Obvious to some and obscure to others, Flips Master includes a training feature that you can use to upgrade your characters. The training requires coins, but it's invaluable in improving your performance. In fact, you probably won't be able to progress very far without making training your priority.

Focus primarily on balance when you train, as your most difficult task will be landing your jumps. Executing a complex trick maneuver only to break your neck is never exciting -- so grab this one quickly.

Don't Abandon Your Character

Upon unlocking a new character, you might be tempted to immediately switch to them. Resist this urge. Instead, continue utilizing your current trained character to acquire more coins, which can then be funneled into training the new unlock. After an appropriate length of time and a decent amount of training, you can then switch to your new favorite without sacrificing your ability to earn coins. Efficiency at its finest.

Shoot for Streaks Over Flash

The key to successfully generating more coins is not to display an impressively flashy trick set, but to maintain the game's streak meter. It is always better to successfully complete one minor trick and safely land than to flop while attempting a fancier move.

Losing your streak meter will reduce the amount of coins you acquire for your feats, so make sure to prioritize it! If you wipe out, take your time rebuilding your streak before attempting the more complicated moves again.

Pay Attention To The Ads

Being free-to-play, Flip Master is rife with in-game purchases through its common and premium in-game currency. Collecting more coins (the common currency) will be your primary goal while playing.

To avoid paying real-world money there are in-game ads. While your automatic reaction might be to skip them, try not to. These 30-second videos will net you between 22 to 35 coins, and are a great way to avoid paying real-world money while also supporting the developer. Watching them early on before the prices increase will maximize your total gains.


Overall Flip Master is a cute little game that can be quite the challenge. Executing complex tricks, calculating spins, and landing -- all while pushing for the most efficient coin-collecting path -- makes for a game that has more depth than it first appears.

What other tricks have you found that work best for you? Let us know in the comments below! And stay tuned for more Flip Master guides.


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Published Sep. 15th 2017

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