Blizzard releases first-looks at Diablo III Season 4

Diablo III's season 4 has teased new legendary items for the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor, among other goodies

With Diablo III's PTR coming to a close, and patch 2.3.0 approaching a public release, it would seem only natural that Diablo III would enter Season 4 in the near future. Just like in earlier seasons, Season 4 will introduce a slew of season-exclusive legendary items, new cosmetics, and transmogrifications. The season will start on August 28th, at 5 p.m., likely released alongside patch 2.3.0. For a brief overview of what to expect, take a look at the image below:

All of these unlockables are just some of the reasons to return to Diablo III for Season 4!

New Patch, New Season Interface

While previous seasons were simply a ranked version of regular Diablo III servers, this season aims to make the leaderboards a little more friendly for the casual players. The new Season Journey Interface that comes bundled with patch 2.3.0 provides players with a streamlined and simplified achievements system. This interface gives information to Seasonal Characters, such as what conditions are required to unlock transmogrifications, portrait frames, and so on. It also tracks the player's progress through the season, how many objectives they have completed, and what objectives are currently available.

Unlike previous seasons, Season 4's challenges have been divided into Chapters and Tiers, each with various levels of difficulty. The chapters have all been designed to have challenges that most players will be able to complete, and if a sufficient number of challenges have been completed players will be awarded a new pet and portrait for their account. Tiers on the other hand are presented as the true challenges for players, granting exclusive portrait frames that will only be attained by the bravest of Nephalem.

New Legendary Items and Cosmetics

Let's face it, the biggest reason to return each season to Diablo III is for the exclusive legendary items. In Season 4, players will find a new Legendary Gem - Bane of the Stricken - as well as new class-specific items.

Dishonoured Legacy increases the damage of the Barbarian's Cleave skill, while Henri's Perquisition reduces the damage the Witch Doctor takes while simultaneously charming them. Other items not yet revealed are said to be found exclusively inSeason 4, however, Blizzard has not revealed what classes these items would be for or what features they will have.

New Conquests and Achievements

Achievements are sometimes the redeeming factor of a game. While Diablo III is certainly not a game in need of redemption - or maybe it is, considering all the demons players will be fighting - new conquests and achievements will be available during Season 4. These can be found in the images below:

If the prospects of completing achievements alone is not enough, players who have not already unlocked the Conqueror's transmogrification from previous seasons will be able to unlock the shoulder and head pieces by completing Season 4 achievements.

That's all folks!

Remember, Season 4 starts on August 28th at 5 p.m. PDT in North America, 5 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5 p.m. KST in Asia. This also means that Season 3 will be coming to a close soon. Don't worry about losing your characters from Season 3 though, as all characters, gold, and items from closing seasons become regular heroes that can still be used in normal and hardcore modes. Your leaderboard scores are safe too, although they will be kept on file as a previous season and do not carry over to the newer seasons.

So with nothing else to add, let's turn to the readers! Are you excited for Season 4 of Diablo III? Is the new season enough to get you back into the game? Are you the type of player that shows up only during the first part of the season to get the cool new gear and never touch the game again until the next update? Leave your opinions and Diablo III confessions in the comments section below!

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Published Aug. 11th 2015

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